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  How nervous are investors about the US debt ceiling?
time:2023-06-04 15:14
How nervous are investors about the US debt ceiling?Published2 days agoShare pageAbout sharingImage ..
  'You can rebuild Mariupol - you can't bring back the dead'
time:2023-06-04 15:05
Russia captured Mariupol in May after a brutal siege. Now, it's trying to win hearts and minds. ..
  Countries pledge heavy weapons for Ukraine
time:2023-06-04 14:36
The US and nine European nations promise more firepower ahead of a major donor conference on Friday. ..
  Blinding flash over Kyiv was probably meteor
time:2023-06-04 14:23
Nasa denies the flash which lit up the sky was caused by a satellite falling to Earth. ..
  Police on the hunt for prime suspect in murder of former NFL player Antonio Dennard after identifying handprint on car outside Reading, Pennsylvania bar
time:2023-06-04 14:13
Cops are on the hunt for a prime suspect in the murder case of former NFL player Antonio Dennard after identifying a handprint on his car outside the Pennsylvania bar where he was killed...
  How Ukrainian refugees found their second home
time:2023-06-04 14:13
The BBC went to one town where those fleeing the violence say they received a warm welcome. ..
  No immediate sending of jets to Ukraine - Wallace
time:2023-06-04 14:02
President Zelensky urged the UK to send aircraft but the defence secretary says it will take months. ..
  The Christmas ceasefire that wasn't
time:2023-06-04 13:59
Few in Ukraine's eastern city of Bakhmut expected Russia's declared truce to be matched with action. ..
  AI 'godobeseher' Yoshua Bengio feels 'lost' over life's work
time:2023-06-04 13:54
AI 'godobeseher' Yoshua Bengio feels 'lost' over life's workPublished3 minu ..
  Boy joins new ice hockey team after rink bombed
time:2023-06-04 13:48
Myron and his mother Kateryna fled missiles in Ukraine and "feel like family" to their UK sponsors. ..
  Could phones have revealed Russian troops' location?
time:2023-06-04 13:23
Russia says mobile phone signals gave their troops' position away before a Ukrainian attack. ..
  Latvia sends cars from drunk drivers to Ukraine
time:2023-06-04 13:18
The confiscated vehicles are being delivered under a Latvian scheme to help the Ukrainian military. ..
  'People investing with us will be rewarded:' Mark Zuckerberg DEFENDS 'historic' Metaverse plans notwithstanding adjacently $650 BILLION loss in market valuation this year - as Meta's stock plunges 11% and quarterly revenue falls for a second straight time
time:2023-06-04 13:17
Shares of Meta dropped acutely on Wednesday after the company reported falling revenue for a second straight quarter, and projected another decline in sales for the final quarter...
  Russia uses dummy nuclear-capable missile - Ukraine
time:2023-06-04 13:13
Kyiv says the missiles were fired with non-explosive warheads to deplete Ukrainian air defences. ..
  US urges Xi to press Putin over 'war crimes'
time:2023-06-04 13:08
The Chinese and Russian leaders meet again on Tuesday during Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow. ..
  Images show new Russian army facility Mariupol
time:2023-06-04 13:07
Russia captured Mariupol earlier this year, and the images suggest it is consolidating its presence. ..
  Climate protesters storm Ted Cruz interview on The View
time:2023-06-04 12:57
Whoopi Goldberg told the protesters to leave as they condemned the panel for their lack of coverage on on climate...
  Will Vladimir Putin ever face a war crimes trial?
time:2023-06-04 12:50
Despite the charges against him at The Hague, the chances of a prosecution for Ukraine war crimes are slim. ..
  Ukraine says Russia planning major ground attacks
time:2023-06-04 12:46
President Zelensky and senior officials warn that Kyiv and its allies must guard against complacency. ..
  Who are Russia's war bloggers and why are they popular?
time:2023-06-04 12:44
Vladlen Tatarsky, killed in a cafe blast, was one of Russia's "war correspondents". But who are they? ..
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