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  Yeezy come, Yeezy go! GAP rips Kanye West merchandise from their stores and removes collab website and Universal drops him - hours after Adidas terminated its componentnership with the rapper over his anti-Semitic outbursts
time:2023-06-04 16:43
Kanye West could lose his billionaire status after being dropped by Adidas amid growing backlash - with the brand terminating their $1.5bn deal...
  Stranded in Sudan with passports locked in Western embassies
time:2023-06-04 16:33
Sudanese citizens say they can't escape because their passports are inside closed European embassies. ..
  Trevelyan relative would consider famine payment
time:2023-06-04 16:30
An ex-BBC journalist says her ancestor, referenced in the Fields of Athenry, failed Irish people. ..
  Italy ex-PM Berlusconi reappears following illness
time:2023-06-04 16:26
The 86-year-old is still in hospital after suffering from a lung infection linked to his leukaemia. ..
  US Soccer announces Earnie Stewart is stepping down as Sporting Director to join Dutch team PSV Eindhoven... with the federation left searching for a replacement amid doubts over Gregg Berhalter's future as head coach
time:2023-06-04 16:17
As well as Stewart, Brian McBride has alconsequently quit as General Manager after serving in the role for the past three years, having made his decision known prior to the Qatar World Cup...
  UK weighs Sudan evacuation options as pressure grows
time:2023-06-04 16:16
The government is looking at several options to rescue UK citizens but is under pressure to get them out faster. ..
  Watch dramatic arrest of Pakistan's former PM
time:2023-06-04 16:11
Mr Khan was appearing in court on charges of corruption, which he says are politically motivated. ..
  Indian engineer among Texas mall shooting victims
time:2023-06-04 15:55
Eight people, including children, were killed while shopping at a mall. Here's what we know about them. ..
  FTX: Singapore state fund Temasek cuts pay after failed investment
time:2023-06-04 15:49
FTX: Singapore state fund Temasek cuts pay after failed investmentPublished2 days agoShare pageAbout ..
  Alberta asks for military help to battle wildfires
time:2023-06-04 15:33
A dry spring means the wildfire season in the western Canadian province is "unprecedented". ..
  Woman admits identity theft of Sea World crash victim
time:2023-06-04 14:56
She used details in pilot Ashley Jenkinson's obituary in an attempt to avoid a driving fine. ..
  Protesting India wrestlers say police assaulted them
time:2023-06-04 14:52
The athletes are demanding the arrest of their federation chief, alleging sexual abuse. ..
  ISIS-inspired terrorist who killed eight with truck in NY is convicted
time:2023-06-04 14:43
An Islamic extremist who killed eight people with a speeding truck in a 2017 rampage on a popular New York City bike path was convicted Thursday of federal crimes and could face the death penalty...
  'It's difficult to get a winner in this kind of war'
time:2023-06-04 14:41
Sudan-born businessman Sir Mohammed Ibrahim has spoken to the BBC about the war in the country. ..
  Uganda media guide
time:2023-06-04 14:38
An overview of the media in Uganda, including links to broadcasters and newspapers. ..
  Why US presidents skip British coronations
time:2023-06-04 14:32
There will be one glaring absence among the dignitaries at King Charles' coronation: US President Joe Biden. ..
  Train strikes: RMT members to walk out again on 2 June
time:2023-06-04 14:27
Train strikes: RMT members to walk out again on 2 JunePublished1 minute agoShare pageAbout sharingRM ..
  For Supreme Court, the abortion battle is just beginning
time:2023-06-04 14:22
The overturning of abortion rights last year opened the door to numerous state-level legal challenges. ..
  Plane engine splutters flames after bird collision
time:2023-06-04 14:00
A passenger's video shows the aircraft spitting fire shortly after take-off from Ohio. ..
  Taliban kill IS leader behind Kabul airport bombing
time:2023-06-04 13:57
The 2021 bombing during the evacuation from Afghanistan killed 170 civilians and 13 US soldiers. ..
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