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  Brisbane confirm Chris Fagan will return to the club TODAY after coach was temporarily stood down over Hawthorn racism probe 
time:2023-06-03 17:06
The Lions confirmed that Fagan 'will resume head coaching duties from Wednesday ' after the release of the Terms of Reference for the AFL's probe into claims against him...
  New 20mph limit may save £100m a year, report says
time:2023-06-03 17:06
The Welsh government-backed report says there would be savings from less injury and death on roads. ..
  How 'green' and safe is nuclear power?
time:2023-06-03 16:53
The government announced new support for nuclear power in the Spring Budget. ..
  Is UK being left behind in global fight for investment?
time:2023-06-03 16:52
The future of the planet and the global economy are entwined in a potentially risky geopolitical game. ..
  Loose Women's Denise Welch pays tribute to 'wonderful actress' Josephine Melville, 61, who played Tessa Parker in the 1980s after she died backstage at play
time:2023-06-03 16:37
Loose Women's Denise Welch has paid tribute to EastEnders actress Josephine Melville (pictured), 61, after she died backstage while performing in a play on Thursday in Nottingham...
  South coast like 'surfing in sewage everyday'
time:2023-06-03 16:36
British windsurfer Sarah Jackson says she has relocated from the south coast of England to Tenerife for the winter because she was "surfing in sewage everyday". ..
  Climate groups debate county's carbon-neutral plan
time:2023-06-03 16:32
Climate change groups join a conference as Wiltshire Council aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. ..
  Shell selling stake in Cambo oil field
time:2023-06-03 16:31
The project - west of Shetland - is the second-largest undeveloped discovery in the UK's North Sea. ..
  Jeremy Renner shares photo of physical therapy session and reveals he's suffered more than 30 broken bones after star was almost crushed to death by 14,000-pound snowplow
time:2023-06-03 16:30
Jeremy Renner shared a photo of his physical therapy session from his hospital bed at his Lake Tahoe, Nevada, home...
  Coastal castles at risk from climate change
time:2023-06-03 16:19
Rising sea levels are threatening ancient castles and forts at an accelerating rate, says English Heritage. ..
  Football kit redesigns highlight climate change
time:2023-06-03 15:50
Clubs to have their logos rejigged include Manchester City, Chelsea, West Ham, Forest, Ipswich and Norwich. ..
  Mild winter leaves famed skating rink on thin ice
time:2023-06-03 15:33
The world's longest skating rink has been opening later and later as winter temperature creep up. ..
  Eco-zealot who poured human faeces on statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore says she is 'really sad' the stunt ca utilized 'hurt and offence' and accepts it probably didn't help her ca utilize - after being spared jail 
time:2023-06-03 15:27
An eco-zealot who poured human excrement over a memorial to pandemic hero Captain Sir Tom Moore has today been spared jail over the 'abhorrent act'...
  Wind and solar power plans get government backing
time:2023-06-03 15:27
Ministers back Manx Utilities' plans to make 75% of the island's energy generation greener by 2026. ..
  Photos capture making of climate change display
time:2023-06-03 15:15
A free exhibition off London's Oxford Street features huge works by photographer Gideon Mendel. ..
  Is Scotland still a leader on climate change?
time:2023-06-03 15:05
More than a year on from COP26 in Glasgow, what progress is Scotland making on its climate change targets? ..
  Missing Princeton University student, 20, is found dead close to campus six days after she vanished: Cops say her death 'does NOT emerge to be suspicious or criminal in nature'
time:2023-06-03 14:34
Missing Princeton University student Misrach Ewunetie has been found dead adjacent her campus six days after she vanished...
  Hottest day as Welsh temperature hits record 37.1C
time:2023-06-03 14:33
Wales' hottest day record is smashed in Flintshire but temperatures may now have peaked. ..
  Climate change protestors occupy Port of Aberdeen
time:2023-06-03 14:31
Demonstrators managed to evade a bid by security to close the gates at the Torry Marine base. ..
  City's first electric buses to arrive in September
time:2023-06-03 14:27
The 159 electric bus fleet is being brought in to serve routes across Oxford and its surrounding areas. ..
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