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  Executed Oklahoma death row inmate Benjamin Cole was given priconsequentlyn-issued 'religious meal' of vegetarian lasagna, salad, a tortilla and a fruit drink packet: Guards say he referred to himself as 'just a super-duper hyperbolic Jesus freak'
time:2023-06-03 15:43
Benjamin Cole, who was executed by the state of Oklahoma Thursday morning for the 2002 killing of his 9-month-old daughter, did not request a traditional last meal...
  India tribunal upholds $160m fine on Google
time:2023-06-03 15:42
India's competition watchdog had fined the tech giant earlier for "unfair" business practices. ..
  'My brother vanished on his greatest adventure'
time:2023-06-03 15:39
Dr Anna Crozier says the search for her brother feels more "urgent" due to their father's illness. ..
  Second balloon over Latin America is ours - China
time:2023-06-03 15:38
A Chinese spokeswoman says the aircraft is for civilian use, but "deviated" from its intended route. ..
  Boy, 12, is killed by collapsing garage wall as man in his 30s is pulled from the rubble
time:2023-06-03 15:34
BREAKING: Police were called to the scene in St John's Road, Clacton just before 7pm on Friday after reports that two people had been harmed...
  Is Indian sport seeing its #MeToo moment?
time:2023-06-03 15:29
India's wrestling administration has been roiled by allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct. ..
  Why Indian epic film RRR is charming the West
time:2023-06-03 15:17
The Telugu-language film has found unexpected success with US critics, the public and Hollywood stars. ..
  Toxic gas leak kills 11 in Indian city
time:2023-06-03 15:08
Reports say high levels of hydrogen sulphide gas were detected in the area. ..
  Neuralink: Why is Elon Musk’s brain chip firm in the freshs?
time:2023-06-03 14:40
Neuralink: Why is Elon Musk’s brain chip firm in the freshs?Published6 minutes agoShare pageAbout sh ..
  Japan approves plan to open its first casino
time:2023-06-03 14:37
Officials have allowed a gambling resort to open in Osaka in 2029 to attract tourists. ..
  Samsung to invest in S Korea mega chip-making plan
time:2023-06-03 14:34
The electronics giant will build five more semiconductor factories in the country. ..
  Imran Khan: Look at the tear gas shells fired at my home
time:2023-06-03 14:34
Police have clashed with supporters of Pakistan's former PM, outside his residence as they tried to arrest him. ..
  BREAKING NEWS: Detroit Pistons 'place assistant general manager Rob Murphy on leave after launching an investigation into an allegation of workplace misconduct involving a female former employee'
time:2023-06-03 14:25
Detroit-born Murphy has reportedly been on leave for around a week after management acted following an allegation and opened an investigation...
  Fans rejoice as Marvel movies return to China
time:2023-06-03 14:25
After a long hiatus, two Marvel movies will screen in Chinese theatres in February. ..
  China's war neutrality claim fades with Russia visit
time:2023-06-03 14:10
Beijing sees the Kremlin's war as serving a useful geopolitical purpose by confronting US influence. ..
  South Korean embassy's RRR dance delights Indians
time:2023-06-03 14:02
A viral video shows the South Korean ambassador to India and embassy employees dancing to Naatu Naatu. ..
  Montana to become first US state to ban TikTok
time:2023-06-03 13:48
Montana to become first US state to ban TikTokPublished5 minutes agoShare pageAbout sharingImage con ..
  El Chapo sons among cartel members charged by US
time:2023-06-03 13:19
The US has announced charges against members of Mexico's Sinaloa cartel over fentanyl production. ..
  POW's daughter's shock at letter from Chinese president
time:2023-06-03 13:10
Denise Wynn is continuing her father's campaign for a memorial to the Chinese fisherman who saved his life in WW2. ..
  Japan to ban upskirting in stronger sex crime laws
time:2023-06-03 13:10
The bill outlaws secretly filming someone for sexual exploitation and is set to be passed in June. ..
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