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  Montana to become first US state to ban TikTok
time:2023-06-04 15:19
Montana to become first US state to ban TikTokPublished5 minutes agoShare pageAbout sharingImage con ..
  Revealed: Huge gas flaring emissions never reported
time:2023-06-04 15:15
BBC investigation finds oil companies not declaring millions of tonnes of cancer-linked emissions. ..
  Australia methane emissions hugely under-reported
time:2023-06-04 14:51
Hidden emissions from coal mines could prevent Australia from reaching its climate goals, a report says. ..
  India floods destroy millions of homes and dreams
time:2023-06-04 14:43
Unprecedented rainfall and flooding have left behind a trail of death and destruction in Assam. ..
  Epstein: Deutsche Bank to pay $75m over sex
time:2023-06-04 14:34
Epstein: Deutsche Bank to pay $75m over sex-trafficking lawsuitPublished2 minutes agoShare pageAbout ..
  Community project to cut school's emissions by 90%
time:2023-06-04 14:25
The scheme hopes to raise £200,000 which will be used for upgrades to the Victorian building. ..
  Protesters tackled after gluing hands to masterpiece
time:2023-06-04 14:21
The incident follows a spate of action where environmental activists have targeted famous artworks. ..
  Undercover in the world’s dirtiest oil field
time:2023-06-04 14:11
How the BBC uncovered gas flaring in an Iraqi oil field, where locals are showing a high rate of cancer. ..
  Two men arrested in connection with rape of LSU consequentlyrority student Madi Brooks have been released from jail: Casen Carver, 18, and Everett Lee, 28, post $125K bond
time:2023-06-04 14:00
Casen Carver, 18, and Everett Lee, 28, were both charged with componenticipating or witnessing the rape of Madi, 19, on January 15...
  Science breakthrough for food eco-labelling
time:2023-06-04 13:59
Scientists hope that a scoring system will lead manufacturers to compete over sustainability. ..
  Villages were joint-hottest places in UK on Monday
time:2023-06-04 13:55
Pitsford also broke the 1911 record for hottest-ever temperature in Northamptonshire. ..
  Thousands of trees planted to protect salmon
time:2023-06-04 13:54
The trees have been planted along the River Dove near Uttoxeter to support wildlife. ..
  FBI responds to 'barricade situation' inside Fort Belvoir  Army base in Virginia 
time:2023-06-04 13:52
The FBI's National Capital Response Squad out of Washington DC is responding to a 'barricade situation' inside the United States Army base at Fort Belvoir..
  Council struggling to fill tree officer job
time:2023-06-04 13:52
Gloucester City Council is aiming to plant more trees in an attempt to tackle climate change. ..
  Climate change could lead to more extreme flooding
time:2023-06-04 13:43
New report looks at the impact climate change could have on how people live in Cornwall in the future. ..
  Are wildfires happening more often?
time:2023-06-04 13:30
Wildfires have been burning from Alaska to Greece this month - are they becoming more common? ..
  Moment retired Anglican priest, 80, is arrested over Just Speak Oil road block - one year after being fined for Extinction Rebellion protests at Parliament and MoD site and gluing herself to DLR train in rush hour 
time:2023-06-04 13:20
This is the moment an 80-year-old retired Anglican priest Reverend Sue Parfitt is arrested after a Just Speak Oil roadblock at a busy junction in central London this morning...
  Do not intervene with protests, Met urges
time:2023-06-04 13:17
The force made the plea after several members of the public took matters into their own hands. ..
  How Earth is dimming because of climate change
time:2023-06-04 13:14
Changes to our planet's shine is just one of the stranger side effects of rising temperatures. ..
  Pakistan flood survivors battle rising tide of disease
time:2023-06-04 13:04
Thousands of displaced families are threatened by dengue and malaria after record monsoon floods. ..
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