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Second train derailment in Russian border region

Published on 2023-06-04 15:36:36 source:NBC News

A goods train has derailed in the Russian border region of Bryansk, Russian officials say, in the second such incident in two days.

Regional governor Alexander Bogomaz said a locomotive and several carriages came off the tracks after an explosive device was detonated.

Russian railways described the incident as "illegal interference in the work of railway transport".

There are not thought to have been any casualties.

The derailment happened at 19:47 local time (16:47 GMT) on a section of track between Snezhetskaya and Beliye Berega, near the city of Bryansk, a post on the railways' Telegram page said.

Emergency workers were on the scene, and all operations on the line had been suspended, it added.

Videos of the incident posted on social media showed emergency vehicles driving along the length of the train. The BBC found no copies of the video prior to Tuesday evening, suggesting the images were new. Another video, posted by Russia's investigative committee, showed investigators at the site of the derailed carriages.

A similar incident happened on the Bryansk-Unecha line, much closer to the Ukrainian border, on Monday morning - on this occasion the locomotive and seven carriages caught fire.

The region - which also borders Belarus - has seen a number of acts of sabotage since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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