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Police probe rave as residents recall 'chaos'

Published on 2023-06-03 16:31:33 source:NBC News

Police are continuing to investigate an illegal rave on an industrial estate as residents recall the chaos and stress of the scene.

South Wales Police said it had obtained details of alleged offenders at the party in Margam, Neath Port Talbot.

Four people were taken to hospital after 1,000 revellers arrived on the scene on Saturday night.

Police said it was "disappointing" they had been diverted to the "illegal event".

Resident David Williams said he was returning from a party at 01:00 BST on Sunday only to be confronted by "chaotic" scenes.

He said: "There were cars abandoned on either side of the road, pulled up on the sand dunes which started to block the road.

"And then I came across a police van completely blocking off the road.

"To say it was chaotic - my first concern was that there had been a big accident, because there were people walking everywhere, and police lights everywhere, so it was a bit of a nightmare situation."

He called it "stressful".

"If hundreds and hundreds of cars start arriving at 1am in the morning that becomes a bit stressful, everyone's a bit concerned," he said.

Cars were parked "anywhere and everywhere" blocking drives and gates over an area of up to two miles (3.2km), he said.

"If you were a farmer you couldn't get in and out of the fields early in the morning, and if you were a resident you would be surprised if there were cars parked across your entrance," he added.

Lauren arrived at about midnight to join the party, finally leaving at about 10:00 on Sunday.

The 25-year-old, from south Wales, said: "I know it can be inconvenient but we are all young and want to have a good time.

"No-one is thinking 'I will wake people up because I can', that's just a by-product."

Residents always had to deal with noise if they lived in city centres or near pubs, she said.

"Some people seem to think 'good on you for having a good time' but other people say 'you have disturbed my night's sleep'," Lauren added.

"I don't want to do that, but it is a one-off."

After Lauren went home, one of her friends went straight to work.

She said: "They did a full eight-hour shift. I've done it myself before. No-one ever wants to do that."

Supt Steve Jones said: "We are reviewing all lines of inquiry following the gathering at Kenfig Industrial Estate to identify any offences under the appropriate legislation."

He said most of those attending had left by late Sunday afternoon, but that police remained during the evening.

"Injuries of those taken to hospital remain non-serious," he said.

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